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Helen and I live in West Wales and have done so since April 2005, moving here from Wiltshire, and previously having lived for a couple of years in London, preceded by having lived and worked in and around Southampton for nearly 18 years.

Besides my involvement with the charitable and public sectors, I have a a keen interest in creative pursuits, and have self published one collection of poetry - Rewarded by Dolphins - and a second collection, 'Marcism Today' was published by Cambrian Bookls in 2013. The poems therein are inspired by my relationship with my wife, Helen Carey (a published novelist), the landscapes we have lived in recently, and also by our travels, which have included trips to Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile and the Falkland Islands, as well as time spent in Venice, Paris, Prague and Rome.

During 2006 we were fotunate enough to spend nearly a month in Canada, where, amongst other things, we got married - on the rooftop of a ski lodge, set in a bowl of mountains, with eagles overhead and a kayak trip on a lake following on from the (very spontaneous!) ceremony. We also visited Sicily in 2006, and were able to visit the war grave of Helen's uncle who was killed there in the Second World War.

The advent of 2007 saw us able to go to Senegal to see in the (nearly) new year - my first trip to Africa and I have fallen in love with the red dirt roads, the people of Senegal who were charming and gracious, and the sense of time both standing still and yet passing all too quickly.....we had a trip to Dublin planned for the spring, and hopefully to Kythira (the Greek island where we met) for a wedding this summer.

Christmas of 2007 was spent just outside of Venice, and the first major adventure for 2008 (March) was a trip to Namibia. In June of 2008 I visited Ukraine to see the work of the charity, Hope Now, with which my mother (who I am travelling with) has along and enthusiastic involvement. Christmas 2008 and new year of 2009 were spent in Morroco, witht he added adventure of our fligt home being cancelled and having to return to Wales by train (night train to Tangiers, ferry,bus and plane).

Helen  opened her own art studio in 2006. More information available on .

Helen had several paintings commissioned during 2006 and is busy creating new works from our recent journeys. In 2007, she won the West Wales sumer art exhibition at Picton Castle and is exhibiting new work there throughout the season (in a gallery designed by Graham Sutherland).

I also paint a little - in what might well be described as the very naive style,and produce a range of photo - cards and framed and mounted photos (see the studio website), under the banner or Reasons to be Cheerful ( I share a birthday with the late, lamented Ian Dury). In March 2008 my photography was the subject of a 2 page spead in Pembrokeshire Life.

Asides from these activities, we manage a smallholding of about 5 acres - dedicated to wildlife and encouraging conservation, and we also look after a pony, dogs and various errant animals - in particular escapee sheep, the Houdinis of West Wales!! We also managed a small holiday let (an ex shepherds cottage), now a long term let.

 Helen's mother, Rosemary, lived into her early 90's and we provided a measure of care and support for her, which has opened my eyes to some of the dynamics of being a "Carer".

Some recent experiences have included driving a 1946 Ferguson tractor and I have attended training (surely a first in my experience!) on how to be a horse masseur - Matilda, the Welsh Mountain pony is living in trepidation! Actually - she pretty much ignores any attempts I make to sooth her spine : as long as the Happy Hoof feed keeps on coming thats all she really seems to care about. Sadly, the marvellous Matilda died (aged approximately 33/34) in November 2012 - she taught me to love horses!

There's really too much to write about life in Pembrokeshire - I ought to start a blog about it, but instead, in April (2012) I began my poetry blog. You can find my work on - be great to see you there!

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