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Marc Mordey - independent consultant and trainer

Summary Profile

Marc has a wide ranging and diverse level of experience, skills and abilities relating to the development and furtherance of services for people who are excluded, disadvantaged and in need. His approach to working with organisations and the individuals who use their services, work for them or commission services is one of thinking, researching, talking and listening, with a special focus on recognising the impact of our varying differences and the value therein. The critical element of any work that he undertakes is that people come away with a strong sense of their views having been heard, the options clearly presented and with clear and realistic action plans for future development and growth.

Key Skills and attributes

Marc’s key skills are; 

As a manager and motivator of people.

As a trainer, facilitator and listener, empathetic and involving, and committed to sustainable and achievable change management.

As a negotiator, between individuals, but especially around partnership work between organisations.

As an evaluator of projects and organisations.

As a mentor for colleagues.

As a communicator with all sorts of people, both workers and users of services.

As an administrator.

As an impartial and non - judgmental advisor.

As a business planner, and as a person who can help organisations plan for the future, interpreting the political and economic world within which they are expected to function.


I have a wealth of experience and knowledge, and provide consultancy services that are very much focussed upon action and outcomes : I can assimilate information quickly, am able and willing to challenge constructively, am an encouraging and enabling person, and am especially committed to the translation of policy into effective practice. Please see current projects and recent work for more information and also for testimonials from colleagues.


I work as a consultant and trainer within the voluntary and statutory sectors - with a particular set of skills and experience relating to, e.g. age and ageing, co-production, housing and homelessness, mental health work, substance misuse issues, , and to establishing and maintaining effective working relationships between organisations and the individuals who work within them.

I was a Co-Director of Vintage Communities (see links page for more information) a Co-operative organisation dedicated to involving and empowering older (and younger too) people in decision making and action within the communities they live in.

I am an associate with the National Development Team for Inclusion and have been a member of the Affiliate Pool of the Audit Commission, also an Independent Assessor for the Alliance, Herefordshire. (See 2010 page for more details).

I have a strong commitment to active and meaningful service user involvement, and to enabling organisations to put their policy into practice in this particular aspect of their work and activity.

I have worked in both voluntary (CEO of ROCC and the Society of St James in Southampton) and statutory agencies (as an NHS Manager), and am comfortable and confident in working with a large range of agencies and with the different personnel within them. For me, all people who work within, or receive services from, the organisation are of equal importance and worth.

All the consultancy and training services which I offer are geared towards offering people practical and manageable solutions - with a focus on actions and outcomes.

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